Russian Dolls wearing colors

An Australian interior design company ordered two sets of my dolls for one of their projects!

So here are the 2012 dolls. Too bad I suck at photography, the colors are much brighter and neon than on those crappy shots!

Kevin Ledo

Having been raised a devout Catholic, later educated as an illustrator, and presently neither one nor the other, Kevin Ledo’s orientation in painting is in reaction to the two. Ledo’s work is captivated by ethereal wonderment and is tangled in idealism, beauty vs. divinity, mythology and mysticism.

Through my paintings, I am attempting to discern what it is, at the base of our being, we all wish to fulfill; and in attempt at finding such fulfillment, what hopes, aspirations and fears materialize.

I particularely love his series on “fashion Saints” with portraits of fashion models depicted as Saints. They are just gorgeous.

Social Memories

Social Memories is a facebook application that transforms your profile information into a sexy infographic booklet, à la Nicholas Felton annual report. You can even get it printed! Genius and pretty!

Philippe Chabot

Getting Comfy

“My work deals with absurdity, dumbness, disenchantment, cult and decay. I am interested in the ways television, radio, web and entertainment culture affect our social and individual identities.”

Philippe Chabot is another one of my talented friends on his way to stardom. He takes the time to record the process behind each art piece, so check out his PROCESS section. The painting above will be featured in the Cheaper Show in Vancouver on June 25th. At 200$ that’s a steal.

FFunction’s US Federal Budget Data Visualization

Visualize your taxes Vimeo Video

FFunction teamed up with OnlineSchools for the Google DataViz Challenge. The goal was to use the data provided by to create data visualizations that would make it easier for U.S. citizens to understand how the government spends our tax money. Our entry got us in the Top 6 finalists and was posted on

You can open the application here.

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Land Carpets by Florian Pucher

Florian Pucher’s carpets are inspired by agricultural land seen from the sky. They are made with 100% New-Zealand wool and can adapt with every decor depending on the country you pick: hues of green and yellow for European fields, brown and beige for the arid soil of Africa, and blue for the Netherlands.

Hipmunk: Visualizing Travel Searches

flight search visualization

The travel comparator uses data visualization to differentiate itself from a mass of travel search engines. It allows users to quickly browse hotel availability and prices on an interactive map, as well as visualize all flight options on a single page.

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Catherine Lebrun – Fashion Prints

Check out the portfolio of Montreal graphic designer Catherine Lebrun. She designs prints and labels for sportwear brands. She was featured in magazines such as Lucky (USA), ELLE Québec (CAN) and Frankie magazine (AUS), among others. Mauve Naif, her label, his especially awesome. If you have the chance to purchase her t-shirts or accessories, do it now, as she only creates exclusive, small collections.

Data visualization for Marketing

Rent vs Buy data visualization tool

Data visualization is exploding but its potential for marketing and branding is still unclear. We have seen very few practical, useful examples. On the other side, infographics have multiplied and become viral marketing tools, which will be the subject of an upcoming post. Data visualization is awesome, trendy, beautiful, exciting, but can you make money from it? Can it be used as a marketing tool? So far it’s been mostly used for research, BI, or completely useless artistic experiments.

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Job Search Tips for Designers in 2011

I recently met with a friend who was job hunting. She was telling me about the cover letters she was writing and the empty CV that she was sending to pretty much anywhere. It all seemed so old school and depressing. Personally I did not have to look for a job in a while, but I have a few ideas beyond sending a CV or mingling in trendy vernissages.


Basically I think people should not worry too much about their job, but more about their career. Sometimes the timing is right and you find a good job, but what happens when the company is laying off people because of a bad economy? You’ll be one job seeker among others. I find it is better to constantly be working on your portfolio and network. You just never know, you have to be prepared for new opportunities.

Use Networking Tools

You probably expected that. Social medias are everywhere and they can certainly help in your job search.

LinkedIn- Opening a LinkedIn is the first thing I would do. It’s all about who you know. LinkedIn is based on that same idea. The site is like a Facebook for CV profiles. You add the people you know and they become your connections. You can then see who they know, and get introduced. With this site you get access to people you would normally not be able to have access to. You can also learn more about key staff in the company you are coveting. It’s a great stalking tool! You can contact a person directly instead of using that address. Best of all, your chances of getting a reply are much greater if you are sending the message from LinkedIn.

Twitter- A friend of mine gave me this great tip; he told me that when he was job searching, he started “following” lots of design firms. The reason is that often the job position appear on the company’s twitter before anywhere else. Placing ads for a job opening is costly while Twitter is free. Finding out about a creative job opening before anywhere else is a great advantage.

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