FULL OF journals

FULL OF journals

Wine journal

This journal lets you rate the wines you try, so your impressions will always last. Numerous lists allow you to record wine recommendations and top pairings with different meals or types of cheese. Also: wine gift lists, a world map for your favorite wine regions, colorful note pages and wine and cheese planners.

Dream journal

This journal lets you record your dreams, interpret their meanings and sketch them. You’ll also find specific sections for nightmares and sleepless nights. Never forget a dream again.

Color sketchbook

This sketchbook is for drawing and being inspired by color. You’ll find grids, a history of preference and a personal swatch to complete. It can be used to match your colors before sketching or simply for collecting purposes.

Black sketchbook

This black-page sketchbook will change the way you draw. Colors become more vivid and the black grids allow geometric designs without distracting the eye.